Work Samples

Inspired by our mission, Yan Pang Create's artistic endeavors range from dance to multi-media to music performances. On this page we present an archive of past and present projects. The complete archive of works by Yan Pang Create is available on YouTube.

One Log Bridge

One Log Bridge

Yan Pang: Composer, Librettist
Jason "B-Boy J-Sun" Noer: Choreographer

Opera theater breaking barriers and connecting cultures. Performed December 7 and 8 at New Hazleft Theater.

Ground Theory

Ground Theory

J-Sun, Stefon "Bionik" Taylor, and Yan Pang

Performed Feb. 28, 2020, at the University of Minnesota as part of the Cowles Artist Commission. A collaboration with musicians and UMN Dance Majors.

Dancing Upstream, Video Credit: V. Paul Virtucio

Dancing Upstream

Yan Pang, Composer, 2019
Yan Pang, Piano; Jason Noer, Dancer

Funded by Humanities Without Walls in 2018, Dancing Upstream is a project reflecting "the work of the humanities in a changing climate." It employs musical elements of Sichuan Opera to create a work that embraces the style of this geographical area and combines them with contemporary aspects of modern music.

The Others, Video Credit: Smaida Mara

The Others

Yan Pang, Composer & Choreographer, 2018
Dancers: Jason "J-Sun" Noer, Gabriel Blackburn, Magaret Ogas, Yan Pang

This work moves through a varying spectrum of Chinese and American values including choreography of internal reflection and contemplation enacted through movement to portray external societal dissonance. The dance piece seeks to convey a process of racialization and translation in my birth country, my journey to the U.S., and my new home country. To purchase the score, see Scores.

The Moon and I

The Moon and I

Yan Pang, Composer & Choreographer, 2018
Dancers: Katie Kummerow, Madeline Schneider

This piece is inspired by the Chinese poem Drinking Alone with the Moon.

"I sang. The moon encouraged me. I danced. My shadow tumbled after. As long as I knew, we were boon companions. And then I was drunk, and we lost one another." To purchase the score, see Scores.